Rise Above the Matrix. Be Ungovernable.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – J.Krishnamurti

Renegade Lifestyle is a resource for you to live a life of freedom and be ungovernable. We aim to counter the ‘Great Reset’ agenda and the project is built by those who are actively doing it. The ‘Great Reset’ is a plan of worldwide centralized control by a select few people through a communist-style technocracy. The only way this plan stands a chance at succeeding is due to people’s dependency on centralized systems, including government, food, healthcare and monetary systems. By understanding where we are dependent, we can work to free ourselves and become truly sovereign. Through decentralization, self awareness and self-dependence we gain the ability to thrive in any situation, no matter what happens. Building this freedom takes work. 

We’re here to make it easier.

Founder - George Papp

George spent most of his career in Investment Banking in London working with criminal organizations such as JP Morgan and HSBC among others.

Having started to question the current financial system and seeking alternative solutions, he began to learn more about the Cryptocurrency space in 2019.

After diving deeper and making several successful investments, he decided to migrate to a defensive investment strategy and help others build wealth outside the traditional banking system.

He has since helped many people understand the philosophy behind the strategy and gain financial sovereignty away from the current economic system to hedge against a looming hyperinflation scenario.

His path has since expanded while interviewing inspirational figures on his podcast and now helps individuals to exit the matrix not just limited to economic means but more importantly through health, off-grid living, education, spirituality and creating location independent income. 

It’s time to exit the 9-5 matrix, become your greatest version and leave a positive legacy behind. People need to remember why they are here and ultimately live a freedom-orientated lifestyle and live the life they love.

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