Motivated by tyrannical masking and lockdown policies, Robert Altomare, creator of the BreathEasy app, built it to promote patriot/freedom thinking businesses nationwide in the USA. Robert has 23 years of working in the defense sector as an active duty military and for government agencies, he put his training to use building a small network of businesses in Portland, Oregon that enabled him to sidestep the COVID restrictions during his daily life. After moving to Florida, his desire for a similar network motivated him to build the Breathe Easy app to help others find and support businesses freedom-first businesses.

In this interview, we learn about the story behind the BreathEasy app, the challenges of starting up a freedom-based business, and its evolution as a parallel economy solution, Robert seeks to make an impact during the next midterm election in November of 2022 with a new update to the BreathEasy app. Can we really change the agenda through the political system? Find out as we ask Robert his opinion on the tough questions.

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