Rayo, Founder of the Vonu podcast and the Coordinator of the Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA, a worldwide network of people building the parallel society dubbed the Second Realm. After waking up to reality and listening to Bill Cooper, Rayo founded the Vonu Podcast in February of 2015 with over 170 episodes that aim to spread truth, offer solutions and outline practical steps everyone can take to increase their independence and freedom. This led him to create the Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA, a community that anyone can join to contribute to the Second Realm.

In this podcast:
.Rayo’s story and the founding of the Vonu podcast
.Building the Second Realm – a parallel society of autonomy alongside the current system
.Living in Mexico and moving back to the US
.Getting started building a homestead and founding the community called the free Republic of Paznia
.Decentralized decision-making and structure of the Paznia community
.Eating a New Zealand carnivore diet
.Practical steps to get started on your journey to freedom and liberation

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