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Renegade Lifestyle began with our team helping clients with one-on-one coaching to help them find solutions to the problems they faced, which branched into us creating our subscription service to increase our offerings to aid those in need.

If you want some private one-on-one advice or education, check out our team of mentors to find the right fit for what you’re looking for.

George Papp

1 to 1 session with George to discuss anything you like! Whether that's to help you create location independent income, build your freedom orientated business or an other topic to help you exit the matrix and become the greatest version of yourself.


corey has three years of successful trading experience and high accuracy rate when making market calls. He uses a variety of simple and effective trading strategies and has been coaching people to success for over a year.

If you wish to pay with Monero (XMR) or Pirate Chain (ARRR) cryptocurrencies, please see the addresses below and send us confirmation proof along with which service you wish to receive to

XMR: 4AaTnU3NHXoZm6EZ6QRNbaAg32N6W5stR91whbVByDPn84sXcutQQwfiq6RU1enV4nJXbC4jvMq2B32xfTKgzpkKJv3nvnj

ARRR: zs1zfsv658pzewefj859uj7k7zknd5rwk9hvwjqvpn4hh5h50ldavrh4qzg0a933pxepxcxcr2slvn