Martha offers us her perspective on Cuba, Fidel Castro, Communism and the current political and economic trajectory in the United States. We discuss in-depth her experience running for County Commissioner, her success with getting local, national and international media attention, and the corruption prevalent throughout the political system in the United States. Her experiences have now made her an advocate for the free market, the Monero cryptocurrency and learning real life-skills.

Martha Bueno, a bilingual Miami native with an impressive entrepreneurial and political resume whose mission is to inform the public about the dangers of placing your trust in the government. Martha is no stranger to Communism and economic collapse as she comes from a Cuban family who made their living farming for over three generations in Cuba, Venezuela and the United States. As a successful entrepreneur, she established the Florida Genetic Center, Inc and founded two successful e-tailers ( and She served as the former Vice Chair of the Libertarian party and now serves as the Chair for the Community Council for West Kendall where she hopes to make a difference for the public.

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