Introducing Nickita Starck, founder of When Push Comes to Shove (WPCTS), an organization dedicated to informing and empowering women in their birth journey. WPCTS has developed a worldwide network of natural birth practitioners who can facilitate non-clinical birth outside of the medical system. In just 2 years, WPCTS has 140 practitioners that span 8 countries – making it the fastest-growing alternative maternity structure in the world. Their simple message is “Informed Consent”. They advocate for women to give birth in the setting of their choice after making an informed decision. Peace on earth will start at birth. If women take control of their birth and are supported in their choices, we will be able to create a better world.

In this podcast:
.Nickita’s story on her professional journey and the founding of WPCTS
.The results of WPCTS (100% of babies breastfed, 74% of women home birthed and 36% free birthed)
.The benefits of home birth for the woman and child
.Details about patient rights and the coercive tactics that are used in the medical system
.How to take responsibility for your birth and trauma?
.Free health care doesn’t actually mean that there aren’t any financial incentives behind the scenes
. Training offered through WPCTS to provide better birth support for better birth
.Nurturing your body and believing in its inherent ability to heal

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