Escaping the 9 to 5 Matrix: A Blueprint for Lifestyle Optimization and Income Freedom

The Call to Escape and Recognizing the Matrix

I’ve always been obsessed with optimizing my lifestyle and knew that there was a better way of life than the 8am to 6pm rat race in the City of London.

When looking around it seems people are just comfortable in their current life paradigm of mechanical living within the matrix. Either they are too lazy to improve on their situation, didn’t know how to do so or didn’t know there was a new way of living.

The Stagnation of Comfort and The Changing Landscape

Instead of going into the unknown, people tend to stick to the comfortable known where no new experience occurs, this leads to stagnation and a paradigm that remains the same for life.

Right now the majority of the population in the west are stuck paying high taxes, trading time for money, coping with high inflation and in cities which are rapidly deteriorating. The freedoms in the west which have been long standing in general are now also being taken away with governments restricting the populations through monetary policy and political agendas. We saw this during COVID, money printing from central banks causing huge inflation and current carbon agendas.

Embracing Unconventional Paths and The Truth About Taxes

Would you want to be in a densely populated city as the economic and social order starts to disintegrate and the governments enforce more communist policies?

In my opinion, with the current actions of governments, I have come to the conclusion that it is your moral duty to find ways of not paying taxes. This may sound crazy to some, but honestly do you know where tax money ends up? You are indirectly contributing to wars, giving the government more and more power, ultimately creating your own prison.

The Power of Digital Nomadism and Crafting Your Ideal Lifestyle

Now that you are aware that you are in a rigged game, you need to play a different game, now with the internet you have the tools to do so.

‘Go where you are treated best’

Ultimately, pretty much everybody wants to improve their quality of life and experiences. This is of course personal to each individual in what that exactly entails. I am a firm believer in where you live or spend time contributes to this point significantly. There are several countries which offer significant tax incentives for being a digital nomad or entrepreneur in their country, which we can explore in future newsletters more specifically.

Breaking Free from Traditional Mindsets

If you have income online you now have the flexibility to split your year into three parts. For example if you have a residency in a tax friendly country in Europe, work from there for four months, then follow the sun potentially in Latin America in the winter and springtime in Asia. This reality is now possible since you are not tied to an office or one specific location. You can take into account what kind of weather you like and spend time somewhere which has the weather you prefer instead of always complaining about it.

Another huge benefit is cost of living, you are now leveraging high income from businesses globally to use in places with lower cost of living which allows you to be flexible during the inflation/cost of living crisis and even for other black swan events. Creating an income online allows you to go ‘country shopping’ for the best deals and criteria which fits your lifestyle preferences. Ultimately it puts you in control to optimize your lifestyle, have a better quality of life and create new experiences. Most people often don’t believe this reality can be created fairly easily. They are used to doing what their parents did and want to stay in the comfortable realm of what society deems ‘acceptable’. In addition, people believe they need to be in Western cities to earn enough money to be comfortable, and that is the problem to start with, being in a survival mindset consistently.

I would argue that being in western cities now means you are tied to a deteriorating society with high cost of living, crime, safety, government overreach, high taxes and many more negatives. It is possible to earn income from anywhere in the world these days, it doesn’t matter where you live really, as long as you have an internet connection. You can take advantage of what a better lifestyle brings in a country you would only deem as holiday destinations while earning from clients potentially based in these big cities.

A Personal Journey to Freedom

For example, I used to work in Investment Banking in London waking up at 5am, unfortunately not for self-work but just to get ready to get a train for one hour to get to the city by 7am. Never really got to see the light of day in the winter months and consistently inside with fluorescent lights beaming at me. I knew this wasn’t my natural/optimized lifestyle despite the decent income.

I got to a point where I had enough of that routine which felt completely wrong and led me to seek skills that could allow me to work online. I picked up a couple clients initially just doing content writing and now run a 6-figure agency without the workload of my previous job. I am also based in Cyprus which allows me to incur no capital gains, no wealth, no inheritance tax and no tax on dividends withdrawn from my business.

So I now live in an environment more conducive to longer summers, beach days, mountains, a great array of locally grown fruit and a slower pace of life in general. I have also lowered my tax liability to almost zero from being in the UK with 40% inheritance tax and nearly 50% income tax which is just insane when you think about it. Of course another benefit is I can travel whilst working.

Lifestyle, environment, flexibility and money all improved when I just let go of the chains and had a goal which matched my intention and heightened state of passion to get there.

Income Freedom Blueprint: Your Escape Route from the 9 to 5 Matrix

1. Skill Mastery and Citizenship: Dedicate one hour daily to learn an online skill. You can find these skills with a basic Google search. Simultaneously, explore eligibility for second citizenships by descent if applicable.

2. Local Networking and Remote Work: Engage with local business owners, successful people you would like to work with and explore other remote work opportunities.

3. Residency and Non-Dom Exploration: Once secure with one or two remote income sources, leave your job and seek residencies or non-domicile programs in preferred countries.

4. Business Structure Establishment: Formalize your income streams by opening a business in a tax efficient way

5. Agency Formation or Value-Oriented Service Expansion: Consider forming an agency or offering your services with upfront value or discounted rates to attract more clients.

6. Client Acquisition and Scaling: After the first 5 clients with testimonials to show, you can either hire contractors to facilitate work, move to a consultant (so done with you, not for you). This will reduce workload and allow you to scale.

Enjoy Your New-Found Time Freedom and Income!

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