Corey has gained his financial freedom using cryptocurrency, discovered healing modalities that have allowed him to heal different ailments, and devoted his time to his passions and entrepreneurial endeavors while pursuing self-sufficiency and independence from the system. Draw lessons from his journey as we discuss cryptocurrencies, health and spirituality. As a Canadian native who comes from a middle-class background – initially unsatisfied and unfulfilled, he sought adventures and traveled while exploring different ways of life through many jobs and learning many skills.

Crypto: We expose more corruption in the current fiat system and use privacy coins like Monero, Dero and PirateChain to combat the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Discover the real truth about your wealth held in the bank with current world news examples of the slippery slope towards a bail-in. Corey also discusses the loss of decentralization in the Ethereum blockchain and misleading scare tactics on the Bitcoin sustainability narrative being pushed by the globalists. Realize that they do not want you to take your wealth out of their system! He wraps up this segment with some terrifying predictions.

Health & Wellness: Corey details his health journey as he achieves a full 10-day water fast by cleansing and expelling waste built up in his body over many years. He shares his experience about our diet, our gut health, our hunger pains and how they relate to the parasites inhabiting your intestines. Corey concludes that these parasites control your mind by inflicting pain and shares practical steps on how you can begin to find the health you’ve always wanted.

Spirituality: Recognize how fear keeps you locked into your 9 to 5 job and learn practical steps you can take to deal with fear in your life and realize your true potential. Corey encourages you to seek solutions internally within yourself and to begin to break free from the fear as you create the life that you desire.

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