For those looking for a safe place to invest, Bitcoin often comes to mind. With inflation ramping up
around the world and currencies losing value at an alarming rate, many people are looking to preserve
their wealth, one option is to invest in Bitcoin, or invest in crypto. While there is a definite value in using
funds to invest in crypto, some caution needs to be used.

The biggest worry for investors is the volatile nature of Bitcoin and crypto. This is definitely
something to be concerned about and anyone who chooses to invest in these markets should become
knowledgeable about their market cycles to ensure that they don’t make a purchase during a period of
euphoria only to watch your investment fall into a period of anger or depression (see the chart below).

A bigger concern with crypto is its use in creating CBDCs, a tool being used by governments to create a totalitarian technocracy. Cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are on public blockchains, meaning that all transactions are transparent and visible to anyone. Ethereum is also programmable, meaning that a variety of rules can easily be built into its use. These are qualities that are inherent in CBDCs which are currently being built around the world. Not only are they qualities of these CBDCs, but the technology used in these cryptos is also being used in order to create the CBDCs meant to control the populace where they will be deployed.

While on the surface crypto may not seem malevolent, looking into who created these technologies begins to shed some light on why they are likely nefarious. If you begin digging, it looks as though Bitcoin was actually created by the CIA (check out the Crypto Conspiracy Podcast by David Morgan: ). Why would the CIA want to create and launch a technology such as Bitcoin? While the answer to that may not be publicly known, it is well documented that the CIA has executed numerous operations that are not in the interests of the American people.

The biggest thing to worry about if you choose to invest in Bitcoin, or invest in crypto, is that you are investing in the technology that is going to be used to control you in the future. This is a plan that has
been in place for several years. People such as Catherine Austin Fitts, a former worker in the White House, have lost their wealth trying to expose this agenda.

This is not to say that all cryptos are created equal. While it may not be smart to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can invest in crypto that is designed to help protect you. Privacy-focused cryptos built on private blockchains such as Monero, Dero and Pirate Chain, etc keep transactions anonymous and out of view of those who wish to monitor everything you do. These cryptos can help protect your wealth from the control of governments that want to overreach and gain control over their populations that they are not entitled to.

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