Is Sovereignty the answer?

We live in a world where our lives do not feel like our own. We work for other people under rules and
regulations created by other people that we may or may not agree with. During the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in these rules and regulations and you may be wondering if some of these rules are even lawful. You are not alone! There are groups of people all over the world looking for solutions to
these problems. One of these solutions is sovereignty, or becoming a sovereign man or woman.
Gaining sovereignty, or becoming a sovereign man or a sovereign woman, is not easy. It requires
giving up the many conveniences that keep us tied to systems that end up controlling us. This means that
our dependence on these systems requires us to find alternative solutions. Where can we find these
solutions? The true answer comes from the definition of sovereignty: freedom from external control. This
means that a sovereign man or woman needs to derive these solutions themselves.

An example of this is the government and mainstream healthcare systems. Many people rely on these
healthcare systems as the ultimate control over their personal health. They believe that without these
systems they cannot have what they need to be healthy. This is not the case for a sovereign man or
woman. Someone who is sovereign takes their health into their own hands. They realize they are the
ultimate authority over themselves, and thus their health should be in their control. For those who rely on
others for their health, there can be a lot of learning involved in order to make the transition.
Another example is our source of income. Most people work for someone else and thus rely on
them to receive an income to cover their needs. This puts them in a position where they must do and act in a way that their employer requires them to in order to meet their needs. These employers when time off can be taken and how much time, as well as how much of your time is theirs, how you must dress, and
how you need to act. This doesn’t allow people to be themselves or pursue their passions. In many
peoples’ views, jobs are just a modern form of slavery. In the pursuit of sovereignty, developing one’s own
way to generate income in a way that allows one to control their own life is key. It allows them to pursue
passions, take time when needed or desired, and not be confined by the stipulations of the demands of
someone else. This can also can take time for someone to transition if they don’t know how to accomplish

Becoming sovereign may seem like a lot of work, however, has some incredible benefits, benefits
that can only truly be understood when someone begins the journey of becoming sovereign. At
Renegade Lifestyle, we actively pursue the sovereign lifestyle and have seen how great it is to be
sovereign. It is time well invested in yourself.

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