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  • Private Community Chat Room: fully private and censorship-free! Guaranteed not to have bots and is regularly used by us to help keep our community up to date with what’s relevant, plus great conversation on topics to help bring insight into what’s going on.
  • Private Investment/Trading Chat Room: get extra insight with our crypto trade calls and alternative investments to help maximize profits while reducing the effort required from you. This chat room is run by our in-house trader who regularly posts videos to keep you up to date with what’s going on with the crypto and precious metals market and our recommended defensive investments.
  • Live Monthly Q&A: each month we host a one hour Q&A session with the Renegade Lifestyle team as well as with a special guest each month. We present relevant information for you and take your questions so can get a professional perspective. All sessions are recorded and members have access to all past sessions. Having access to the team will give you direct information for your needs as well as being able to ask any questions you have to our experts to help you in your pursuit of sovereignty.

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