Francis Hunt, trader, market analyst, educator and founder at The Market Sniper for a sobering conversation on how we can prepare for the unraveling global socioeconomic disaster dominated by the parasitic elite.

With over 30 years of experience and deep immersion in trading and technical analysis of various markets, Hunt devised the Hunt Volatility Funnel, a groundbreaking trading methodology that can easily be learned by everyday people. In addition to being an esteemed trader and technical analyst, Hunt also devotes his time to teaching this trading methodology to others at

In this podcast:
The controlled demolition of the current financial system & what to do about it
The New World Order Tax (Rockefeller Tax)
The truth about the pedophiles and parasites that dictate the rules
Self-Reliance w/ physical assets, precious metals, and barter
Francis’s analysis on investing in Cryptocurrencies & Privacy Coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero) the best-performing crypto asset recently

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Francis Hunt
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