Introducing Carla Mora, an Author, remote Energy Healer, and Integration Coach who has studied Buddhism, and self-help, read tons of books, attended many seminars and retreats, worked with plant medicines, shamans, healers, and traveled the world to high energy, sacred sites to find individuation and self-mastery. She is a master at finding imbalances within a person and bringing them back into harmony. Carla began her journey as a healer by writing a book titled “Hype: an Ayahuasca Journey” in which she documents her journey with Mother Ayahuasca while on a shamanic cleanse retreat in Peru and dedicates it to her late partner Shem. She draws on her many gifts as a healer and coach to help empower, offer to heal, and teach others on their path to healing and self-mastery.

In this podcast:

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