Nelson and Alison are two motivated parents who founded the Sacred Birth Symposium, a 2-day conference designed to inform and educate parents about holistic natural birth and connect them with a community of birth professionals. The medical system has led people to believe that birth is so dangerous that people become dependent on the hospital and medical staff to save them and their children. Inspired by the home birth of their daughter, they seek to remind humanity of the sacredness of birth and the human body’s inherent ability to birth healthy children safely without the need for medical interventions or the medical system. Together, they will provide parents with solutions to seek independence from the medical system while protecting their children from unnecessary interventions and trauma. They believe that by doing this, we will heal the people and heal the world.

In this podcast:
How the Sacred Birth Symposium will provide solutions to parents who want to give birth naturally at home
The benefits of birthing a child at home in a calm and safe environment vs in the hospital
How interventions can interrupt and affect the natural process of birth
Alison and Nelson’s birth story
Birth can be challenging and stressful for a woman but presents an opportunity for transformation and growth
Why home birth and free birth is not popular options for many women?
The vision and goal of the Sacred Birth Symposium platform

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